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Voltage Stabilizers & Isolation Transformers
Neel Controls

Neel Controls specialize in providing quality power to CNC machine tools. Servo controlled voltage stabilizers from 1 KVA to 1000 KVA with regulation from +1% or 0.5% are available to meet every requirement. Ultra Isolation Transformers, Real time Power factor correction Systems, Active Harmonic filters, light energy management and saving systems, Power Conditioners, UPS and ground leakage & fault monitoring systems are available.

Ultra Isolation Transformers

Ultra Isolation Transformers eliminates all type of electrical noises, predominantly common mode noises. It protects computers, CNC machines and Telecommunication equipments from damage due to electrical noises and spikes etc. Ultra Isolation Transformer also shields large number of electronic equipments which individually are producing different types of electrical noise at a common busbar typically CNC machines, Drives, Hardening equipments etc. The use of NCT, being bi-directional, prevents damage due to circulating noise interference within them.  Since it isolates primary and secondary (or separates neutral to ground bound on the secondary side), therefore can be used to create separately derived derived source to combat current loops. 

Ultra Isolation Transformers are available in different  levels of noise attenuation capabilities. The most commonly used are 100 & 120 dB. The coupling capacitance between primary and secondary is direct 1:1 relationship with dB levels. Some of the graphs herewith indicate different types of electrical noises observed in typical Engineering Industries & successfully eliminated.


Servo Voltage Stabilizers


The purpose of voltage stabilizer is to receive a fluctuating AC voltage of low or high amplitude & deliver an almost constant voltage, at the output. The voltage variations have become a common phenomenon in power supply systems, cause havoc in modern advanced electronic equipments. The voltage stabilizers are meant to take care of this problem. They avoid breakdown, ensure longer life of the equipments & save in energy during high incoming voltages.

The model is noise free and deigned to work on Unbalanced line & load conditions wherein each phase is individually controlled with seperate variable speed motor & electronic controls.



Powercon is a two-in-one for voltage and spike corrector. It eliminates major electrical disturbances and electrical noises that are generated due to switching action of breakers, heavy machinery, capacitor switchings, induction hardening, cranes welding etc. The use of inverters, DC drives, SMPS further pollutes the electrical environment causing power quality disturbances to various CNC machines. 

Powercon has a quick response and fast rate of correction up-to 105V/sec. Avoids output voltage oscillations by high torque, low inertia variable speed servo motor and proportional. Powercon has high overload capabilities for frequent sharing and regenerative currents of CNC machines. 

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