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Sheet Metal Men (Italy)


The trimming-beading machines are used in these sectors:

-  Air and smoke ducts: pipe fitting with seal, duct joints with seal, threaded duct joints with seal, outward flanged air duct bend, outward beaded air duct bend, pipe reductions, pipe fitting.

-  Automotive, car accessories, seals, manometers: shock absorber for cars, car joint elements, round car silencer, oval car silencer, polygonal camion/bus silencer, LPG tanks for cars, car oil filter casing (calked casing), car oil filter casing (lockseamed casing), air filter,fuel tank, sealing rings for rotating shafts, pressure gauges (metallic outer casing).

-  Food containers: beer keg, oil barrel, milk barrel, mixing bowl, container cap, bowl for mixers spirals, stainless steel containers, water tank, circular bottoms.

-  Gardening articles and articles for construction: tops for garden table, stainless steel and mild steel barbeque, wheelbarrow body, mixers, mixer machine, mixer tank, tanks, lawn mower body, cooper copper roofing shingles.

 Heating, boilers, water heating, heater exchanger: round mantle for boiler (inward joggled), round mantle for boiler (outward swaged), outer jackets for water-heater (round mantle), outer jackets for water-heater (square sample), outer jackets for water heater (round cap),inside bottom plate for boiler (outward swaged end), inside bottom end plate for boiler (inclined edge), expansion tank rectangular sample, round sample.

-  Home appliances: door, drums, cooker top, iron boxes, ironing board, kitchens, microwave oven, round refrigerator compressors, oval refrigerator compressors, sink-bowls, round sinks, rectangular sinks, square sinks, washing machine drum, drying machine drum,washing machine tank, drying machine tank, washing machine parts.

 Household articles: kitchenware, cookware, kitchen equipment, round cooking pot, rectangular cooking pot, oval cooking pot, oval pot lid, oval tray, kettle, round pressure cooker, round pot bottom, round copper cauldron, coffee-pot, stainless steel hotplate, dish / round tray, rectangular tray, round pot lid, cake box, cake containers, ice-cream basins, ice-cream cans, gastronomie products.

-  Lighting: lamp cap, lamp body, lamp for road lighting.

No pressure containers: candy gift containers, cylindrical bucket, containers, medical waste containers, reusable sterilization containers, nuclear waste container, spray gun bottle.

-  Pressure containers, gas tanks, gas bottles, fire extinguishers: gas shell, fire extinguisher half-shell and bottom end.

Stamped and drawn parts in general, metalforming.

- Ventilator, flanged body for ventilation fans.

- Submerged pumps and motors: cover for electric motors, cylindrical elements for submerged pumps, accessories.

-  Various: methane gas meter shell, gas mask, fan cover (polygonal shape), flange for cable/hose reels, door-lock casing, rectangular panel, carter, pulley.

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