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      Material Testing Machines

Fine Group of Companies

Fine group of companies are leading manufacturers of Material Testing machines. Founded in 1977, the group has supplied over 20000 machines all over India & abroad. The Calibration facility for all material testing machines is available at Samarpan and is carried out by Expert Engineers. For the complete range of material testing machines please visit 

Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine


Computer controlled ball screw driven Universal testing machines are used for conducting several tests like tension, compression, transverse, peel off, bend and shear. These machines are ideal for testing materials like rubber, plastic, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals in different shapes and forms like round, flat, thread, wire, dumb-bell, fabric, belt, strip and rope. Known for its user friendliness and accuracy, these machines have an AC Servo motor for cross head control and a motor with infinitely variable speed drive. Its computerized cross head control, load measurement by load cell makes it the ideal product. It also has a over Load and over travel safety feature embedded in it. It runs on latest Windows based software that makes it user friendly and provides accurate results. It also has an online display of Load, Elongation and Graph. Moreover this product has a load and reset elongation facility available with a built-in facility for printing of test results and graph. It has selectable units like N, kN, kgf, lbf, inch, mm. It is also fully automatic on screen calculations like UTS, YS, Proof stress and has a large storage space for storing test data of up to 50,000 tests. The Electronic Extensometer option is also available for proof stress evaluation. Its standard load resolution is with 10,000 counts and a finer resolution with 20,000 or 50,000 counts can also be offered at extra cost. It has grips and accessories to suit different materials and tests. Its maximum capacity ranges from 1 kN to 100 kN and the loading accuracy ranges from ±1% that conforms to IS: 1828 / BS: 1610.

Computerized Universal Testing Machine

Computerized Universal Testing Machines are used for automatic data capturing, storage and graphic display. These Computerized universal Testing machines have a line display of load and extension for recording, storage and retrieval of results and details. Fully automatic, accurate and user friendly the computerized universal testing machines have various special features like an On screen calculation based on the delivered data and an output to digital printer of test data, test results and graphs. It has an Auto detection of over load with over travel and specimen breaks. On detection of the above situations, the machine gets automatically switched off. It has a Load resolution of 0.01% of the total machine capacity.



Analogue cum Computerized Universal Testing Machine


Analogue cum Computerized Universal Testing Machines are used for dual purposes. Though one system can be used at a time, the DC valve of the analogue cum computerized universal testing machines is provided which directs oil flow to the control panel. These machines are provided with both analogue and computerized control panel and are thus highly functional and efficient.

Special Attachments of Universal Testing Machine

Pendulum Impact Testing Machines


Pendulum Impact Testing Machines are suitable for Charpy and Izod impact tests on various materials. These machines are provided with highly stressed and wearing parts like support blocks and strikers that are made up of duly heat treated special alloy steels. Its rigid machine frame and other parts for minimum energy absorption during fracture results in improved test accuracies. It provides safety guards for the operator and its initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules and for Izod is 170 Joules with a L.C. of 2 Joules for Analogue models and resolution of 0.5 Joules for Digital Model. Its pendulum drop angle for Charpy is 140° and for Izod is 90°. It has ASTM Impact Testing machine conforming to E-23 ASTM standards. It also has optional accessories like Gauges, Tongs, Sub-zero bath, Templates, U and V Notch and milling cutters. Its accuracy conforms to IS:3766-2003, IS:1598-1977, IS:1757-1999, IS:1499-2003, BS:131-Part-I,II,III,IV and BS EN-10045-1993 as per international standards.

Dynamic Hardness Tester

Dynamic hardness testers are used for checking the hardness of large and heavy components in confined spaces at permanently installed parts with low test expenditure. It has a Sleek and handy design and is provided in a slim briefcase. It has an Operation on two numbers of pencil cells. It also has a Alpha numeric display with 16 characters x 2 lines LCD with improved electronics, micro controller circuit and a user friendly software. With 30 hardness scales for different probes selectable by feather touch keys, its display indicates selected material and scale combination as well as hardness values. There are five number of probes D, G, SH, EX and C given in different combinations. Its facility to connect dot matrix printer through centronics parallel port and has a capacity to show up to 100 readings storage in memory of the machine for printing purposes. It also has a serial interface possible with RS 232 port at an additional cost. Its automatic calibration facility of probe available through keyboard, extra accessories such as standard test blocks, support rings, printer, serial interface and different types of probes are available at request make it all the more attractive. These additional features can be attached based on the requirements of the customer.

Rockwell Hardness Tester


This machine is designed for measuring hardness of metals & alloys of all kinds, hard or soft, whether round, flat or irregular in shapes.
This machine is ideally suitable for laboratories, tool rooms, Heat treatment shops, R&D departments, inspection departments, foundries & educational institutions.
Automatic weight selection with automatic zero setting dial gauge.
Rockwell test minor load is 10 kgf & major loads are  60,100,150 kgf.
Rockwell hardness scales such as HRA, HRB, HRC, etc. is obtained by using different types of indentors (Diamond / Ball ).
Test height x Throat is – 215 x 132 mm
Extra test height & throat of  295 x 148 mm, Model : MRS-150 is also available.
Motorized versions are also available.
Machines strictly conforms to IS:1586- 2000. 


Dynamic Balancing Machine - Horizontal Type


Hard bearing type horizontal end driven two plane machines with microprocessor based / microcontroller based measuring panel.sdcdd

Suitable for balancing of different types of rotors like rotor of electrical machines, fly wheels, crankshafts, submersible pump rotors, etc.

Measures & stores the unbalance in gms along with the angle for two selected correction planes on digital display

Additional bed with gap bed arrangement is also possible to accommodate bigger diameter rotors.

Minimum achievable unbalance upto 0.5 micron shift in c.g.

Various Models – Suitable for rotors from 0.5 kg to 10,000 kg.

Horizontal belt driven hard bearing two plane machines are supplied for rotors weighing from 0.3 kg upto 300 kg. Unbalance indication either by stroboscopic method or photo scanning method sensitivity upto 0.5 micron.

Computerized / Electronic versions with printer facility & special machines to suit customers requirements can also be supplied.


Optical Brinell Hardness Testing Machine - OPAB 3000


This is a modified version of a Brinell Hardness Tester AKB 3000 and is provided with an inbuilt optical system of 14X magnification. An automatic indenter index system is provided which tilts the indenter after the impression and the magnetic field is visible on the screen for the measurement with a 0.01 mm least count. Thus the machine gives fast and accurate results with less operator fatigue.

Vickers/ Vickers cum Brinell Hardness Testers


These Hardness Testers are suitable for Vickers as well as Brinell hardness of steel and other metals. These machines are designed and manufactured for high accuracy, reliability and ease of operation. The selection of load is controlled with push button control system.The measurement of diagonal/ diameter of indention is done with a built-in optical system with graduated readout with micrometer. 

Vickers HardnesTesting Machine

BV.50 : Only for Vickers test load range 5 kgf to 50 kgf

BV-50-S: Only for Vickers test load range 1 k gf to 50 kgf

BV-120: Only for Vickers test load range 5 kgf to 120 kgf

BV.120.:S Only for Vickers test load range 1kgf to 120 kgf 

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