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Advance Cooling System Pvt. Ltd.

A variety of Panel Air-conditioners, Air-to-air heat exchangers, water chillers, oil chillers, coolant chillers, refrigerator compressed air dryers for CNC machine tools, CIM/CAM systems, industrial devices, Robots, Material Handling systems, Control panels and automation equipments are available.    

Panel Air-Conditioners - Turbo

Panel Air conditioners are designed to be used in electrical and electronic panels. They aesthetically integrate into the assembly to maintain temperature stability and control as well as dust and humidity protection, for normal operation of sensitive electronic equipment without unwanted interruption. The Turbo model is designed to provide ‘high sensible heat removal’ in electrical and electronic models with normal thermal load fluctuations.

Air Flow: Two independent air circuits, the internal circuit circulates cool air in the panel and the external air circuit dissipates extracted heat to the atmosphere (special ductable models available to expel condenser hot air to other locations)


Temperature Control: Microprocessor Controller with programming through multifunction keys and alphanumeric display with easy access man / machine interface. Digital display of actual and set temperature values. Stores parameter / programmed values in non-volatile memoryAdjustable time delay between starts warranting the minimum time for temperature equilibrium and compressor start-ups. 

Thermostat (electronic or electro-mechanical) in models where space constraints do not permit the use of microprocessor controller


Cooling Circuit: Includes sealed compressor, metering device and associated refrigeration equipment

Drain Pipe: To remove moisture / condensate in the panel.

Alarm: Where required, potential free output for High Temperature Alarm can be provided with electronic temperature controller at no extra cost.


Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Air-to-Air heat exchangers are ideal for situations where the electronic controls operate at a temperature differential slightly above the ambient. In such cases, Advance air-toair heat exchangers can be used to dissipate heat from inside the enclosure to the outside temperature.

The heat exchanger attaches directly to the panel and circulates two totally seperate air streams, sealed from each other, in two sets of channels formed from thin gauge aluminium. The internal stream picks up the component heat from top and travels downwards through one set of channels. The external stream trvels upwards through the other set and cools the internal stream without mixing, through the thin aluminium wall of channels. The rate of heat transfer can be as high as 100 watts/kelvin. Thus heat is transferred from the interior of the panel at a high rate, without introduction of dust, moisture or fume laden outside air. 


Oil Chillers



Factory automation incorporating CNC machine tools, high speed hydraulic presses and hydraulic powered special purpose machines, has created a need for highly efficient ‘refrigerated type oil chillers’ for hydraulic cutting, lubricating, spindle, grinding and coolant oil.

Advance hydraulic and spindle oil chillers use state-of-the-art Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) to give you rapid and highly efficient cooling. These are far superior to the shell-and-tube type evaporators designed primarily for non-viscous fluids. Her hot oil flows over the tubes , which is cooled by the refrigerant flowing through them. 

A static oil film is formed over these tubes, which acts as an insulator, preventing oil in subsequent layers to be cooled. In other words, only the oil surrounding the tubes is cooled.


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