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Anti Vibration Mounts
Machine House BILZ

Bilz vibration technology GmbH specializes in the field of anti-vibration and structure born noise isolation. The product range covers a wide variety of applications from isolation of a forging hammer with isolating plate sets, to air spring systems that protect highly sensitive machines in the semi conductors industry. There is practically no vibration problem that cannot be solved regarding lathes, milling machines, grinding machine etc which cannot be solved today.

Insulation Plates


Insulating plates are highly developed materials designed to combat problems caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure-borne noise. Made from an exactly defined combination of nitrile rubber, cork particles and cross-linked polyester-fibre, this high-grade compound material possesses all the physical and mechanical properties. One major advantage of this new compound material is its resistance to modern cooling lubricants; the mountings can thus also be used in oil sumps without any problems. Particularly worth mentioning are the superb "compression set" values. These are extremely important, for example, if modern machine tools are to be insulation-mounted while ensuring long-term geometric precision. 8 different types of plates provide the technically optimal solution to almost any vibration problem. The primary aim in the development of these was to cater for the variatum kinematic characteristics for e.g. lathes, milling machines and grinding machines, as well as those of presses an feed presses!

Resistance to Aging The service life of these mounting plates is nearly unlimited if the load values are observed. No permanent deformation.Extremely high degree of resistance to conventional oils, grease, acids, etc. Completely resistant to cooling emulsions, thus allowing machine mounting in oil sumps.


BiAir Membrane Air-Springs



The Air-Spring Insulator BiAir® consists of a cast aluminum body whose air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressureresistant roller diaphragm. The plunger is seated on this diaphragm and is pushed into the air volume.
This design causes highly effective vibration insulation. In order to obtain as high a dampening effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load/dampening volume) linked by air pipe. By the adjustable valve the dampening can be easily changed from outside. Due to the friction caused by the air-stream passing through the bypass valve, up to 25 % dampening can be effected.Additional safety valves will protect the roller diaphragm from getting damaged by over-inflation. 


Application - Highly effective vibration insulation of sensitive measuring and testing machines, fine-machining plant, as well as optical and electronic equipment. Another important range of application is the vibration-insulated foundation of vehicle, motor and other performance testers. BiAir® Air-Spring insulators are extremely well suited for the insulation of foundations e.g. equiavalent machine loads. 

Leveling Elements

Leveling elements are specially suited for the positioning of machines. The leveling range is dependent on the length from the leveling screw. The levelling elements are available with screw (flexibly connected) or without screw. High solidity and equally high vibration insulation is obtained through assembling of the respective BILZ insulating plates.
The elements are available in stainless steel too.

Insulated Tables


BILZ insulated table is a vibration insulated workplace.Vibration of the surrounding area is insulated by high efficient membrane air springs.The level controller (mechanical-pneumatic valves) will maintain a level accuracy of ± 1/100 mm or ± 1/10 mm automatically even while the loading may change. An air regulator with water trap and air filter is included.

Application - Vibration sensitive measuring and testing machines, laser, scales, optical and electronical as well as medical equipment.
The new insulated table LTH is used for all applications where vibrations or load changes may disturb the experiment or machine.


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